Climote smart immersion controller
Hub on the wall

climote Smart
Immersion Controller

Hub on the wall

climote Smart Immersion Controller

Inside the tank

See Inside Your Hot Water Cylinder

No more guessing! The climote Smart Immersion Controller displays the volume of usable hot water in your cylinder on your wall-mounted smart immersion switch and remotely through your app.

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Boost from the app

Control From Your Phone

On the go, now you can boost or schedule your electric immersion heater from your phone. No more waiting around for your water to heat up, or worrying if you have left it on!

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Why Hot Water?

The electric immersion heater is responsible for 20% of your entire household's energy needs. That's more than all of these devices combined.

Electrical appliances
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Piggy bank

Save Money On Your Energy Bill

By allowing you to see how much hot water is available for use in the cylinder, the climote Smart Immersion Controller lets you avoid wastage by letting you check if you already have enough hot water before you automatically hit the boost button.

Set schedule from the app

Take Advantage Of Low-Cost Electric Tariffs

As more electricity suppliers move toward low-cost night-time or flexi energy tariffs, the climote Smart Immersion Controller will allow you to heat your hot water with clean, green energy at prices similar to fossil fuels.

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Immersion Partners

Utility Partners

At climote, we have a long history of deep-rooted utility partnerships across Ireland and the UK. Did you know, many of our partners provide climote products at a Discount in conjunction with electricity and gas utility contracts. (T&Cs apply)

Pinergy Octopus Energy Scottish Power
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Shower with 100% green energy!

Why use fossil fuels (Oil or Gas) when you can use 100% renewable energy to heat your water? Let's start your decarbonisation journey.

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Will it work with my hot water cylinder?

We have developed our immersion controller to work with the majority of existing hot water cylinders on the market. To find out if your cylinder is compatible, please fill in this simple survey.

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At climote, we have developed the climote Smart Immersion Controller as a multi-comms system. This will ensure communications can be facilitated through a mobile network or your home Wi-Fi system.

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climote testimonials

Customer Testimonials

We appreciate our customers’ feedbacks! Here’s what some of our customers say about our work.

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climote Smart Immersion Controller

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